Thursday, 6 June 2013

Our lifesaver and knight in shining armour

We almost forgot about one of our most integral parts of the team...George Coleman! This man answered our call for a support car driver a month or so ago with huge amounts of enthusiasm and energy. 1st year at Newcastle University studying International Business Management allowing us to use, and probably abuse, his knowledge of the french language. He will be setting up our meals throughout the day, pitching our tents and the end of the day and keeping our moral high when we hit rock bottom. For anyone that doesn't know this Saint, I have added a picture below and please add him on Facebook by following this link ( He will have his finger on the pulse all the way so any questions during should be directed at him.

On another note...we have hit £6,000 which is an amazing total! So thank you to everyone for donating and please keep on helping us reach our total by telling your friends

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