Thursday, 6 June 2013

"I heard France is really flat"


Route sorted...despite our misconceptions France is not flat! However i'm sure you've all been eagerly waiting for our route to be released so that you can all keep and eye on our progress! 

Having set off tomorrow night from London just to get out of the City and away from the traffic day 1 will start from just North of Maidstone;

Day 1: Maidstone to Dover to St-Omer  (124 mile)

Day 2: St Omer to Crey-Sur-Serre (114 miles)

Day 3: Crey-Sur-Serre to Arcis-Sur-Aube (105 miles)

Day 4: Arcis-Sur-Aube to Pouilly-en-Auxois (123 miles)

Day 5: Pouilly-en-Auxois to Anse (106 miles)

Day 6: Anse to Montelimar (106 miles)

Day 7: Montelimar to Trets (110 miles)

Day 8: Trets to Eze (124 miles)

Day 9: Eze to Genoa (116 miles)

Day 10: Genoa to Stagno (112 miles)

Day 11: Stagno to Orbetello (118 miles)

Day 12: Orbetello to ROME!! (95 miles)

All the support from everyone has been incredible. So thank you so much to all those who have supported us so far!! We've raised almost £6,000 so far! Please help us reach our total by donating at

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