Thursday, 20 June 2013

Day 6 - Summer has arrived

We left for Bollene on day 6, the sun has turned out in full. After Tom having been requesting south of france heat and saying that it would be flat jinxing is the only word that can be used to describe what followed. The day was a sizzling heat that we were certainly not used to from being up in Newcastle. Stopping halfway for lunch on a football pitch we sheltered in the shade drained of energy and regretting wanting sun. After the routine a la cuisine of pasta and dolmio sauce we were raring to go with our NUUN electrolyte and numerous flap jack to keep us going.

The first crash of the trip came just after lunch as Quicky clipped the tyre of Hamish losing control and hitting the road, nothing serious and we were back on our way. The afternoon only got longer and George only being able to find a campsite further on from the planned stop the day seemed to go on for eternity battling against a very strong head wind. We eventually arrived just up the road in Montdragon as the wind closed in and the restaurants closed up for the night. McDonalds much to the horror of Tom became the only option, the drive through was a gleaming beacon and after some very dubious french from Hamish getting the order completely wrong we finally managed to get some food down us. We returned to the campsite to the gale force winds, relieved to see that our tents were still standing - yet the wind only got stronger resulting in not the greatest of nights. 

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