Thursday, 20 June 2013

Day 12 – Traffic galore but a gladiators welcome

A simple route for the last day and with only 95 miles to do we were rather chilled. We ate through the miles despite the 40 degree heat on a straight road making it just south of Civitavecchia by 1 pm where we rewarded ourselves with the final swim in the sea, the couscous and pasta combo and numerous ice creams (Living the life).

Once suitably chilled we headed for ROMA… arriving in the city just in time for rush hour we zoomed past all the stationary cars and into the mayhem of the center of Rome. Traffic lights to Italians apparently do not exist as we battled blindly through the pandemonium of traffic.
The Colosseum stood before us we rounded the corner and in front much to our relief Dom our recently acquired giant, waved frantically ushering us through the crowds. Beers at the ready as a group of Americans soon caught onto the palaver of our arrival and started to snap away with the cameras. I’m still not sure what we have actually achieved has sunk in.. but never have we all been so relieved to step off our bikes!

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