Thursday, 20 June 2013

Day 7 - Roundabouts were never my forté

Leaving our stormy campsite in Mondragon we headed for Brignoles. Another long hot day; the weather has had a dramatic change from the North of France. The day despite the heat was pretty average with the generically tiring and continuously rolling hills. All was going well however and we were making good progress. George had gone ahead after lunch and found us a Premier Inn esq building ahead of our designated stop so we made last dash for it.

Just passing our original stop off point turned the day from what was rather boring to what at the time seemed rather serious and definitely an eye opener to the perils of cycling and the dire driving skills of the french. Quicky leading the way over the roundabout whilst all rushing to our final stop was hit by a car that hadn't seen him. Not a good two days for him, but Mish was quick to remind him that all bad luck comes in threes (Just what was wanted to be heard as I got up off the road). An apologetic driver and a very lucky escape left him with only a few cuts and bruises, fortunately with the bike and Quicky all in one piece we headed to our stop.

The hotel room was much needed as everyone was feeling rather worse for wear. An american style Buffalo Grill (that due to faulty lights said a dubious Buffalo Ill) stilled provided us with the much needed steak that we'd all been craving. An eventful day in the end, but we were very fortunate.


  1. Hey, I know this is a long time ago now but congratulations. This blog is awesome. A friend a I are thinking about the same thing but for another charity and we was wondering if it would be possible to get some advice and routes off of you. Also how did you get back? Would be great to hear from you, please just Facebook me ( George Peirce ) thank you very much and congratulations again

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  3. Hi Mate, Tried finding you on facebook, but there are quite a few George Peirces, sorry this is so late, I've only just had a look at the blog, first time in a while. If you drop me an email at then hopefully I can be of help! Cheers