Monday, 24 November 2014

Over a Year on, lots of changes, but whats the next challenge..?

Over a year on, the pains of the cycle ride have some how worn off and the worry is that as I sat at a fantastic Evening of Endeavour II in London, listening to some truly inspirational talks from some of Britains most outstanding explorers I felt the sense of achievement that I felt as we cycled into Rome alongside the longing to complete some on a scale of epic proportions as the gentlemen in front of me had so successfully done. So here it is, in the future there will be a big one to come... what I don't know however Any suggestions for the next one are most welcome. Somehow the bike is still going strong having had even more miles added to it with cycles all across the country, Credit to Merida Bikes UK for their sterling work! Much has changed since then, University has been completed, two of us have set up a black tie shirt company called Rorkes of London so for those looking to spice up your black tie events with a  colourful dress shirt then please do check out our website at

MANY Apoligies to those who I haven't replied to on the blog too.. it has been a busy year! For those that have any questions about our trip, route or any  other details then please do drop me an email at and I shall endeavour to answer your questions!! In the meantime, good luck with all your cycling adventures!

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  1. Hye guys, awesome job on the journey, is there any chance you could help me as I plan to do this journey this year for Great Ormond Street Hospital and need a little advice on the route to take, or how to choose a route.
    Kind regards
    Tom Hooker