Monday, 20 May 2013

A perilous weekend of Training

Apparently backwards High-Fives aren't the best idea whilst cycling along the road... Hamish suffering from one of his wounds as a result! 

2 crashes and 2 punctures over the weekend.....we're getting there! 

Please keep supporting makes such a difference


  1. So the training is a bit spotty ? Sounds like you guys are not able to use " Paceline Tactics " as yet ?

    I will be at " Dutch Cancer Fundraiser " at L'Alpe d'Huez " on 5th 6 6th June , you could advise the Route so as to link up about 10th June .

    You will see i follow WWTW on Twitter and my blog supports " Para Sport "!

  2. Yes not quite.. Almost there though! We're heading down to the south coast of France as we feel that would be quicker than going over the alps.

    As a result we are going Aix De Provence, Nice, and into Italy around then I believe.

    Whats you're twitter and will give you a follow! Good luck with it all!